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Adventures Beyond City Limits

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satyrich @ 11:19 pm: Old Campbell College Building
On our way home from Carolina Beach, woodwhat and I decided to take a more scenic route in hopes of finding some good subject material.

On Highway 421, we saw an old brick building with a collapsed roof, just across the street from a beautiful weatherbeaten old home. We stopped and went into the little convenience store across the street for drinks. The lady behind the counter told us the big brick building was the original home of Campbell College, and had collapsed years ago after standing vacant since the 70's. The school's website doesn't give any real history of the place. The house across the street, she said, had been a dormitory. It was empty but in good condition.

Here's a long shot of the school building, with the dorm in the background. Closer shots and a better shot of the old dormitory are behind the cut. The photos were all taken with my very basic Canon digital camera, so there's nothing fancy here....


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Date:April 5th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
Love the house! It's a shame about the Campbell College building. Looks like it might have been a beautiful structure once upon a time.
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